The Indian Journal of Tuberculosis

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Complete Journal for the following Volumes:-


Year  Month Volume
2012 January Vol.59, No.1
April Vol.59, No.2
July Vol.59, No.3
October Vol.59, No.4
2011 January Vol.58, No.1
April Vol.58, No.2
July Vol.58, No.3
October Vol.58, No.4
2010 January Vol.57, No.1
April Vol.57, No.2
July Vol.57, No.3
October Vol.57, No.4
2009 January Vol.56, No.1
April Vol.56, No.2
July Vol.56, No.3
October Vol.56, No.4
2008 January Vol.55, No.1
April Vol.55, No.2
July Vol.55, No.3
October Vol.55, No.4
2007 January Vol.54, No.1
April Vol.54, No.2
July Vol.54, No.3
October Vol.54, No.4
2006 January Vol.53, No.1
April Vol.53, No.2
July Vol.53, No.3
October Vol.53, No.4
2005 January Vol.52, No.1
April Vol.52, No.2
July Vol.52, No.3
October Vol.52, No.4
2004 January Vol.51, No.1
April Vol.51, No.2
July Vol.51, No.3
October Vol.51, No.4
2003 January Vol.50, No.1
April Vol.50, No.2
July Vol.50, No.3
October Vol.50, No.4
































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  Content-wise Complete Journal in PDF Format
Year  Month Volume
2002 January Vol.49, No.1
April Vol.49, No.2
July Vol.49, No.3
October Vol.49, No.4
2001 January Vol.48, No.1
April Vol.48, No.2
July Vol.48, No.3
October Vol.48, No.4
2000 January Vol.47, No.1
April Vol.47, No.2
July Vol.47, No.3
October Vol.47, No.4




  Content-wise Complete Journal in PDF Format
Year Month Volume
1999 January Vol.46, No.1
April Vol.46, No.2
July Vol.46, No.3
October Vol.46, No.4
1998 January Vol.45, No.1
April Vol.45, No.2
July Vol.45, No.3
October Vol.45, No.4
1997 January Vol.44, No.1
April Vol.44, No.2
July Vol.44, No.3
October Vol.44, No.4
1996 January Vol.43, No.1
April Vol.43, No.2
July Vol.43, No.3
October Vol.43, No.4
1995 January Vol.42, No.1
April Vol.42, No.2
July Vol.42, No.3
October Vol.42, No.4
1994 January Vol.41, No.1
April Vol.41, No.2
July Vol.41, No.3
October Vol.41, No.4
1993 January Vol.40, No.1
April Vol.40, No.2
July Vol.40, No.3
October Vol.40, No.4
1992 January Vol.39, No.1
April Vol.39, No.2
July Vol.39,No.3
October Vol.39, No.3
1991 January Vol.38, No.1
April Vol.38, No.2
July Vol.38, No.3
October Vol.38, No.4
1990 January Vol.38, No.1
April Vol.38, No.2
July Vol.38, No.3
October Vol.38, No.4

Complete Journal for the following Volumes:-

Year  Month Volume
1989 January Vol.36, No.1
April Vol.36, No.2
July Vol.36, No.3
October Vol.36, No.4
1988 January Vol.35, No.1
April Vol.35, No.2
July Vol.35, No.3
October Vol.35, No.4
1987 January Vol.34, No.1
April Vol.34, No.2
July Vol.34, No.3
October Vol.34, No.4
1986 January Vol.33, No.1
April Vol.33, No.2
July Vol.33, No.3
October Vol.33, No.4
1985 January Vol.32, No.1
April Vol.32, No.2
July Vol.32, No.3
October Vol.32, No.4
1984 January Vol.31, No.1
April Vol.31, No.2
July Vol.31, No.3
October Vol.31, No.4
1983 January Vol.30, No.1
April Vol.30, No.2
July Vol.30, No.3
October Vol.30, No.4
1982 January Vol.29, No.1
April Vol.29, No.2
July Vol.29, No.3
October Vol.29, No.4
1981 January Vol.28, No.1
April Vol.28, No.2
July Vol.28, No.3
October Vol.28, No.4
1980 January Vol.27, No.1
April Vol.27, No.2
July Vol.27, No.3
October Vol.27, No.4


Year  Month Volume
1979 January Vol.26, No.1
April Vol.26, No.2
July Vol.26, No.3
October Vol.26, No.4
1978 January Vol.25, No.1
April Vol.25, No.2
July Vol.25, No.3
October Vol.25, No.4
1977 January Vol.24, No.1
April Vol.24, No.2
July Vol.24, No.3
October Vol.24, No.4
1976 January Vol.23, No.1
April Vol.23, No.2
July Vol.23, No.3
October Vol.23, No.4
1975 January Vol.22, No.1
April Vol.22, No.2
July Vol.22, No.3
October Vol.22, No.4
1974 January Vol.21, No.1
April Vol.21, No.2
July Vol.21, No.3
October Vol.21, No.4
1973 January Vol.20, No.1
April Vol.20, No.2
July Vol.20, No.3
October Vol.20, No.4
1972 January Vol.19, No.1
April Vol.19, No.2
July Vol.19, No.3
October Vol.19, No.4
1971 January Vol.18, No.1
April Vol.18, No.2
July Vol.18, No.3
October Vol.18, No.4
1970 January Vol.17, No.1
April Vol.17, No.2
July Vol.17, No.3
October Vol.17, No.4


Year  Month Volume
1969 January Vol.16, No.1
April Vol.16, No.2
July Vol.16, No.3
October Vol.16, No.4
1968 March Vol.15, No.2
June Vol.15, No.3
September Vol.15, No.4
1967 March Vol.14, No.2
June Vol.14, No.3
September Vol.14, No.4
December Vol.15, No.1
1966 March Vol.13, No.2
June Vol.13, No.3
September Vol.13, No.4
December Vol.14, No.1
December Vol.13, No.1
1964 March Vol.11, No.2
September Vol.11, No.3
December Vol.12, No.1
1963 March Vol.10, No.2
June Vol.10, No.3
September Vol.10, No.4
1962 March Vol.9, No.2
June Vol.9, No.3
September Vol.9, No.4
December Vol.10, No.1
1961 March Vol.8, No.2
June Vol.8, No.3
September Vol.8, No.4
December Vol.9, No.1
1960 March Vol.7, No.2
June Vol.7, No.3
September Vol.7, No.4
December Vol.8, No.1


Year  Month Volume
1959 March Vol.6, No.2
June Vol.6, No.3
September Vol.6, No.4
December Vol.7, No.1
1958 March Vol.5, No.2
June Vol.5, No.3
September Vol.5, No.4
December Vol.6, No.1
1957 March Vol.4, No.2
June Vol.4, No.3
September Vol.4, No.4
December Vol.5, No.1
1956 March Vol.3, No.2
June Vol.3, No.3
September Vol.3, No.4
December Vol.4, No.1
1955 March Vol.2, No.2
June Vol.2, No.3
September Vol.2, No.4
December Vol.3, No.1
1954 March Vol.1, No.2
June Vol.1, No.3
September Vol.1, No.4
December Vol.2, No.1
1953 December Vol.1, No.1